SEVENTEEN’s Dino Reveals The Best Part About Turning Legal Age

SEVENTEEN’s Dino was anxious to turn legal in order to do this!

In a recent radio interview, SEVENTEEN‘s Dino showed his true love of music when he said the best part about turning the legal age in Korea.

Image: Pledis 17

He revealed that the best part of turning legal was that he could listen to any R-Rated songs that he wanted to!

“When I was 19, there were a lot of songs I wanted to listen to but couldn’t because I wasn’t an adult. The best part of turning 20 is that I can listen to all the songs I want.” — Dino 

Dino may be the youngest member of SEVENTEEN, but his love for music is just as great as his older brothers! His love of music is inherited from his parents, who are both dancers.

Now he’ll be able to listen to a wide variety of songs without having any barriers preventing him!

The boys also pledged through the radio show to hand-write letters and post them on the internet to thank all of their fans for their continuous support and love.

Source: Herald Pop