TXT Yeonjun and SEVENTEEN Dino’s Friendship Is The Cutest, And Seungkwan 100% Agrees

True friends hype each other up

SEVENTEEN’s Dino posted a video of him and TXT’s Yeonjun doing SEVENTEEN’s TikTok dance challenge for their new song “HOT,” and everyone is gushing over their friendship, including fellow SEVENTEEN member Seungkwan.


너무 HOT한 거 아냐?! #DINO with #YEONJUN @txt.bighitent #TXT #SEVENTEEN #HOT #SVT_HOT


Under the repost on Instagram, Seungkwan commented from his personal account on how thankful he was to Yeonjun for being Dino’s precious friend.

Even in an interview, his TMI was about how he watched Dino and Yeonjun’s TikTok before going to bed. Seungkwan is seriously soft for the maknae.

Seungkwan’s excitement over Dino’s new friendship is understandable if you remember what Dino himself once said in an interview last year with Esquire Korea.


Having debuted at such a young age, it wasn’t easy for Dino to find friends the same age as him within the industry. Now that the 4th generation of K-Pop groups has arrived, the doorways to new friendships for Dino are slowly revealing themselves.

While it can sometimes be hard to bridge the gap between seniors and juniors in any working industry, TXT’s Yeonjun proved that he could close that gap easily, quickly befriending Dino around half a year ago. It also helps that the two belong to the same company, making frequent interaction easy.

And just last week, Dino showed his support for TXT while dancing with Yeonjun for “Good Boy Gone Bad.” We love kings supporting kings.


같은 회사라 좋다 자기야😊 #YEONJUN with #DINO from @seventeen17_official #TXT #GOOD_BOY_GONE_BAD #GBGB


Dino is slowly expanding his group of same-age friends, and we’re excited to see what cute interactions await in the future.

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