SEVENTEEN’s DK Shows His True Colors By Sending Heart-Warming Messages To Fans Late Into The Night

He really is sunshine personified ☀

There is so much to love about SEVENTEEN‘s DK. While he might first pull a person in with his beautiful vocals that you could listen to all day, it’s his bright, bubbly personality and radiant smile that make so many fans fall in love with him.

He’s charming and silly, and never fails to show love and support for his fellow members and SEVENTEEN’s fans. There’s a reason so many people call him the sunshine member of the group, because he just seems full of endless warmth and positivity!


Recently he went above and beyond what one would expect a K-Pop idol to do for their fans in order to show them just how much he cares about them.


At 1AM in the morning, DK took to Weverse and asked Carats how their day was. Instead of just leaving it at that, though, he went through and replied to a number of fans with sweet, considerate, and heartfelt words, despite the late hour.

Carats found his actions incredibly sweet and endearing, and shared his kind-hearted messages on social media so everyone could see just the kind of gentle and loving soul that he is.

There is nothing about DK that isn’t worth loving!

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