SEVENTEEN’s DK Stuns In Elegant ELLE KOREA Photos

Models better look out!

With SEVENTEEN‘s sub-unit BSS — consisting of members DKHoshi, and Seungkwan — promoting their energetic and playful new song, “Fighting”, it can be easy to see them as just a bunch of silly idols that never take things too seriously!

But they all still have a mature side to them as well, and nothing seems to capture that side better than elegant and tasteful solo photoshoots. And recently, DK shared a series of photos taken for ELLE KOREA that definitely has SEVENTEEN fans swooning over just how gorgeous he looks!

DK (SEVENTEEN) | Pledis Entertainment

Shared on both his personal Instagram account and the group’s Twitter, there were four photos shared in total, including this moody black-and-white picture that perfectly captures DK’s incredible side profile.

| @dk_is_dokyeom/Instagram

His adorable cheek mole is evident in this next photo, which really shows off his beautiful golden skin and perfect complexion.

| @dk_is_dokyeom/Instagram

He effortlessly flaunts a suit in this photo, which is minimalistic yet captivating in its simplicity.

| @dk_is_dokyeom/Instagram

And finally, this photo that creatively uses a bubble seems to be a fan favorite, and we can see why!

| @dk_is_dokyeom/Instagram

As can be expected, the comments on the post on DK’s profile sharing the pictures are full of nothing but admiration and appreciation for his model-like aura.


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Even fellow SEVENTEEN member Seungkwan left a comment on the post, which translates to “breathtaking”!

Models definitely need to watch out whenever DK gets in front of a camera for a photoshoot like this!