SEVENTEEN’s DK Nearly Kissed TXT’s Soobin, And No One Was Ready

Even Soobin and DK couldn’t help laughing about the mishap.

While K-Pop idols make dance challenges look easy, there are moments fans don’t see. TXT and SEVENTEEN gave everyone a look at what happens when things take a hilarious turn.

DK accidentally ended up in a situation where he nearly kissed his HYBE junior Soobin.

DK | @pledis_17/Twitter

Being a professional, DK didn’t hesitate when their BSS unit song “Fighting” started playing—almost bumping his face into Soobin’s.

When filming suddenly stopped, DK made the staff and members laugh by explaining what caused the mishap. He said, “Can you play the song a bit later? I almost kissed him.

Seungkwan made everyone laugh harder by saying, “You almost ate his ear! I thought you were eating his ear!

By then, even DK couldn’t help laughing when Soobin joked, “I heard chewing sounds.

Though DK apologized, Soobin told him not to worry about the silly mishap.

In the end, they were able to nail it without any more near kisses. But TXT and SEVENTEEN proved they’re even more hilarious together.

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