SEVENTEEN Showcase Their Family-Like Relationship By Getting Into Several Hilarious Arguments In A Single Livestream

Family bicker over the smallest things.

Like any close group of friends, SEVENTEEN have had their fair share of fights, and they’re not afraid to talk about them on broadcast. After all, every argument has only brought them closer together, so telling CARATs is their way of sharing an intimate and often hilarious story with their fans.

On a recent Weverse live, Seungkwan, Jeonghan, S.Coups, and Dino somehow started several different arguments and also spilled the tea on other members. The first argument arose between Seungkwan and Jeonghan when Jeonghan brought up the fact that Seungkwan doesn’t talk to him in the dorm. Seungkwan quickly turned the tables, leading Jeonghan to talk about what he was really upset about.

When Seungkwan asks Jeonghan to drink with him, Jeonghan always agrees, but when Jeonghan asks Seungkwan to drink with him, he gets rejected. He also got rejected by Dino, but then the next day, he saw Dino and Seungkwan go out together for a drink. That’s why he normally asks Dokyeom to drink with him instead of Seungkwan and Dino.

But at his words, Seungkwan couldn’t help but get sulky and accuse Jeonghan of liking Dokyeom more than the rest of them. In Seungkwan and Dino’s defense, they rejected Jeonghan because of schedule conflicts, and to them, it’s Jeonghan who always hangs out with Dokyeom and no one else.

Eventually, the misunderstanding cleared, but this wasn’t the only fight between the members on this live stream. Later on, Seungkwan and S.Coups got into a fight over having friends, and while their bickering is hilarious, S.Coups comment on being content with only having Joshua and Jeonghan as his friends was super adorable and a testament to ’95 line’s friendship. Of course, S.Coups loves all his members and made it clear after teasing Seungkwan a little longer.

Seungkwan and S.Coups also talked about other members that frequently argued. To everyone’s surprise, Hoshi and Jun often get into arguments as they’re both passionate about performance.

S.Coups shared how he and Mingyu used to frequently argue as well, especially when they drank together. S.Coups worries a lot while Mingyu rarely feels worried or stressed, and when S.Coups would share his troubles, Mingyu would question why S.Coups worried unnecessarily. After multiple arguments, the two reached an understanding, and now Mingyu comforts S.Coups well, showering him with love and support.

Despite all their bickering, the members cherish each other deeply. When Seungkwan wanted to sing despite it being late at night, Jeonghan checked in with the rest of the members to ask for their understanding. Jeonghan’s the kind of friend who’s the perfect balance of considerate and doting, and for all his playfulness, he makes sure the other members know how much he loves them.

SEVENTEEN have never been afraid to share their arguments with CARATs, and it’s proof of their close relationship with each other. Just with this Weverse live, it’s clear to everyone that SEVENTEEN is like any typical family.