Every SEVENTEEN Fan Needs To See This Ridiculously Hilarious Shrek Meme On Twitter

“I can’t bring my boys anywhere nice…”

With a K-Pop group as hilarious and creative as SEVENTEEN, it doesn’t come as any surprise that their fans are as well.

Some fans show their love and appreciation for their favorite groups through kind words, beautiful fan art, or appreciative videos, among other things.

Others, however, show their love for their favorite artists through hilarious memes.

A particularly silly and unexpected meme featuring the members of SEVENTEEN has gone viral on social media, and it’s easy to see why.

The video is taken from the film Shrek 2, during the scene where Shrek and Fiona visit the latter’s parents through an awkward and tense dinner scene. And… Well, you can watch how the members of SEVENTEEN were added to it below.

Reactions to the viral edited video are as funny as they are relatable 😂

It would be great if the members of SEVENTEEN could see this meme and get a kick out of it too!