SEVENTEEN Reveals A Famous Fight Among Members Called The Black Bag And Gray Towel Incident

It’s a legendary fight among the members even to this day.

During a recent episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, the members challenged each other to go to sleep while the rest of the members dropped tea about themselves!

And among the many hilarious confessions, there was one called the “Black Bag” and “Gray Towel” incident where a fight broke out among members.

It was Dokyeom‘s turn to try to sleep, and as soon as he laid down, Jeonghan had a story to tell! He recalled the “Black Bag” incident where he witnessed Dokyeom and Mingyu fighting in the streets.

Dokyeom was holding a black bag after going to the store, and as the argument got heated, Dokyeom threw the bag in front of Mingyu!

In the Black Bag incident, Dokyeom and Mingyu were walking down the street when they started fighting. They were arguing.

Dokyeom had gone to the convenience store so he had a black bag with him. Dokyeom and Mingyu were having a verbal fight and I guess Dokyeom got mad cause he threw the black bag on the floor.

— Jeonghan

Mingyu, who was also heated from the fight, stared at Dokyeom and told him to go pick it up. Dokyeom then stared at Mingyu fiercely before…

Mingyu then asked him, ‘What are you doing? Pick it up. Go pick it up.’

— Jeonghan

… Going to pick it up! Even Dokyeom burst out laughing as he recalled the fight!

Seungkwan had a similar story to tell about the time Dokyeom and he got into a fight at their dorms too! The whole day, the two brothers were on each other’s last nerves when it blew up into a fight that very night.

Dokyeom was heading to the bathroom and had a gray towel, and he was about to throw it on the ground just as he did with the “Black Bag” incident!

Dokyeom and I had a fight at our dorm. Dokyeom and I had been on edge the whole day and it blew up that night.

Dokyeom was on his way to shower so he had a gray towel with him. We were fighting and he got mad so he was about to throw the towel like he did the black bag.

— Seungkwan

But Seungkwan, out of his own rage, glared at him as he dared him to throw it.

So I told him, ‘Try throwing it. See what happens if you throw it.’

— Seungkwan

But instead of cowering like he did with Mingyu, Dokyeom burst into rage and threw it directly at Seungkwan! And Seungkwan was the one to cower despite his big talk!

But he shouted, ‘WHAT’RE YOU GONNA DO?!” and threw it at me!

— Seungkwan

As soon as Dokyeom’s time was over, he immediately got up to confess that during the “Black Bag” incident, he himself felt so embarrassed while picking up the black bag! He didn’t want to give in to Mingyu but he also knew he shouldn’t litter!

Mingyu got up and gave Dokyeom a hug as everyone laughed at the silly fights that they’ve had.

Do you know how embarrassed I was while going to pick up the black bag?

I felt like he was going to hit me if I didn’t pick it up.

— Dokyeom

Considering that the SEVENTEEN brothers have grown up together for the past 7 years, it’s fun to look back at the silly fights that helped them mature their relationships with each other!