SEVENTEEN’s First English Single “Darl+ing” Hasn’t Even Released Yet, And It’s Already Trending

Who can’t wait for the full song’s release??

SEVENTEEN is set to release their first English single, “Darl+ing”, on April 15, and Carats are beyond excited for new music from the group!

It’s also a pre-release for their upcoming fourth full-length album, which is due to come out in May!

Earlier today, the group released a teaser for “Darl+ing”, and the short snippet alone has SEVENTEEN fans trending the song on social media.

One part of the song in particular has Carats swooning, and it’s easy to see why!

The melodic “Kiss me baby” lyrics, along with handsome blond Wonwoo in beautiful lighting, is just too perfect to get over.

Some fans are having some pretty adorable and hilarious reactions on Twitter 😂

We can definitely relate to how these fans are feeling 😂

Others are swooning over the rest of the lyrics teased in the video too.

Even S.Coups is riding with the trending lyrics!

Make sure not to miss what’s sure to be an incredible song from SEVENTEEN released on April 15!