SEVENTEEN Hopes CARATs Received Strength Through Their First Online Concert

They were happy to see their fans.

Recently, group SEVENTEEN held their first online concert with fans.

Due to it being impossible to hold an offline concert because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the group stood in front of fans through their 2021 SEVENTEEN ONLINE CONCERT IN-COMPLETE online concert.

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Having prepared over 20 songs for this concert, fans were delighted to be able to see a variety of different performances.

SEVENTEEN revealed, “We are so happy to meet you all through this online concert. We hope you make good memories from this. We miss you all.”

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They added, “Although we are sad that we can’t be together, we will work hard to send our energy to everyone. We hope that you can release all your stress.”

From group to unit stages, it showed that the members had spent a lot of time creating these performances for the fans. “We missed you all so much and we are happy that we can spend time together like this.”

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We showed many different sides of us through these stages. We are a group of 13 members with units and this is the first time we have performed other songs from our ; Semicolon special album.


Knowing that the whole music industry and the world as a whole is going through hard times currently, SEVENTEEN hopes to return with even greater songs to bring strength and healing to fans.

It is through these hard times that we have grown a lot as people. We will repay you by preparing better performances and songs in 2021.


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SEVENTEEN hopes to continue their musical journey with CARATs with a stronger heart and mind.

Source: star today