SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Shows Off His Artistic Side For Their Self-Produced Magazine

This magazine is entirely self-produced from cover to cover—literally!

SEVENTEEN have just released the preview of their self-produced magazine, GOING, on the Weverse shop. While preorders only start on February 15, Carats are invited to take a look at what will come with the magazine.

The back cover of the magazine, which was released on February 1. | @pledis_17/Twitter

Mingyu was the creative visionary behind the project and handled the more artsy portions, such as the photography and the art. The front cover image is a collage that he made from all the pictures he took of the members!

The front cover, featuring Mingyu’s collage. | Weverse Shop

The magazine will have four sections: “THE COLOUR 13,” “PARTEEN,” “GOING SAYS,” AND “BEHIND.” There are no further details as to what the sections contain but “BEHIND” is the most obvious one and will probably contain some unseen behind-the-scenes shots.

| Weverse Shop

The magazine will also come with a full set of photocards! The sets contain a photocard of each member and there are two sets that will be distributed randomly.

| Weverse Shop

Mark your calendars for February 15!