SEVENTEEN’s Personal Song Recommendations From “Heng:garae”—And Why They Say You Should Listen To Them

Let’s be honest though, every track is worth listening to.

SEVENTEEN is a group that’s become synonymous with youth. It’s a common theme throughout nearly all their songs and is evident in their fun, quirky, and thoughtful personalities.

To celebrate that youth, and the release of their seventh mini-album Heng:garae, the group sat down and shared their song recommendations from the mini-album. Each took a turn sharing a little something about their favorite song, such as what the song means to them, but according to Jeonghan, it wasn’t necessarily an easy task (he couldn’t narrow it down).

I really like all of the songs, so it’s really difficult for me to pick only one.


So without any further ado, here are SEVENTEEN’s personal song recommendations, listed in track order, from Heng:garae.

1. “Fearless”

“Fearless” is the first song on the mini-album and shows the opposite side to the title song of their third studio album An Ode (the title song was “Fear”). Both the message and the sound are different, making it a favorite of both Hoshi and The8.

The energy in this song is so good.


I think the first performance [“Fearless”] has different but great feelings, and I hope you pay attention to it.


2. “Left & Right”

The lead single “Left & Right” is an energetic song aimed to encourage the listener to get up, shake off any feelings of failure, and not be afraid to try again tomorrow, so it’s no wonder this is the song Vernon recommends.

However, Vernon, unfortunately, didn’t share a reason behind his choice.

3. “I Wish”

The third track on the mini-album, “I Wish” is a song that’s full of feelings of envy and hurt caused by someone lucky enough to have a relationship work out while the other person remains in a kind of heartbroken state. It’s no surprise that the ever-romantic Wonwoo chose this as his favorite song.

SEVENTEEN presents new emotions in this song, shown through the meaningful lyrics. I hope you will be interested and like it.


4. “My My”

“My My” was released ahead of the mini-album through its own music video. This song is about a journey to a dream and is matched only by the energy of the members in the song’s brightly-colored music video. It’s chosen as the favorite song by two ’96 liners—Jun and Woozi, the latter of whom helped write, compose, and arrange the song.

When I listen to it, I feel hopeful, and I hope it can bring healing by listening to it.


The feeling of the song is as if you’re travelling through your youth, and it makes you feel good.


5. “Kidult”

This song is one that carries a profound, meaningful message of comfort for the adult children, or “kidults,” who are living during hard times like the ones the world is facing now. It’s the recommended song of members of all ages, from the eldest S.Coups, to the youngest Dino, and others in between, like Mingyu and Seungkwan.

It’s a song that has a lot of participation, and I think a lot of people will enjoy and appreciate it.


It’s a song that comforts my heart from the pain and hardships I feel.


It’s a song with comforting lyrics that tell us that we shouldn’t be ashamed of ourselves and that we’re still ok even if we are a child-like adult.


I really hope that Carats and many others will feel comforted by this song, even if just for a moment, just like this song has comforted me.


6. “Together”

“Together” is the final track on the mini-album, and is a song that expresses the importance of being together to support each other through dark times as told through the song’s clear and meaningful lyrics. It’s the song that both Joshua and DK recommend as their favorite from the mini-album.

It’s a really good song to listen to when you’re alone or feeling lonely and need comforting.


It’s an upbeat song, but the lyrics change the song’s atmosphere to be a little more gloomy.


As with all of SEVENTEEN’s previous releases, there isn’t a single bad song on the mini-album, and its sales and chart positions are evidence of that too. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that SEVENTEEN has produced yet another well-rounded mini-album that’s more than worthy of a listen.