SEVENTEEN’s Birthday Gift For Hoshi Is Something He’ll Treasure Forever

Hoshi can’t contain his joy over the gift.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi will be featured in the August 2022 Issue of Vogue Korea. While full pictorials and interviews will be shared in the magazine, Vogue Korea gave CARATs a little gift beforehand with Hoshi’s “In My Bag” interview on YouTube.


After showing a plethora of things, including vitamins, cute notes from his mom, and jewelry, Hoshi kept the best for last: the pair of jeans his members’ gifted him on his birthday.

If the floating hearts aren’t enough indication of how much Hoshi treasures the jeans, just look at his smile. It’s clear that the gift the rest of SEVENTEEN gave him means a lot to him, especially since it was something he had been wanting for a while.

Hoshi was so eager to show off his new jeans that he wanted to wear them to the opening concert of SEVENTEEN’s “Be The Sun” Tour, so he sent the jeans along with the rest of the concert outfits for altering.

Unfortunately, with so many outfits to adjust, the shop missed a detail on Hoshi’s birthday jeans. While he did wear them to the concert, the jeans were in his bag so he could get them fixed again after his schedule with Vogue.

Still, whether completely fixed or not, Hoshi treasures the jeans with his life because they’re a gift from his beloved members.

So it’s no surprise that when he was asked what three items he would keep if he could only choose three, Hoshi chose the pants first without hesitation.

Here are a few videos of Hoshi letting his inner cutie shine with his new jeans at the “Be The Sun” Seoul concert.