Crush And SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Have Promised To Make A Collab, And They Want Lee Young Ji To Also Be A Part Of It

Imagine the power this collab would hold.

In the latest episode of Crush‘s BLACKVOXSEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi was the guest, and during their conversation, Hoshi elaborated on how he created music by explaining the choreography to producers.

Hoshi (left), Crush (right) | Crush/YouTube

Hoshi loves music, but his gift is interpreting music through dance, not through instruments. So while it might be a bit abstract, Hoshi creates music by describing the choreography and cinematography to the producers.

Hoshi was thankful that the producers he worked with were so considerate of him and his “awkward” way of expression, but Crush reassured Hoshi and said that his abstract way of explaining what he wanted for music was actually very helpful for producers.

From the perspective of an arranger, it’s easier to understand the song if you explain it abstractly because he can work on the song while imagining what it would be like on stage.

— Crush

It’s an easier way of communication and allows for freer inspiration, at least in Crush’s case. Thanks to his positive response, Hoshi tried to probe at the question of a collab, but Crush beat him to the spot.

The two made sure to publically agree to a collab. While it’s a promise they’re both eagerly looking forward to since it’ll be a lot of fun, Crush believes it will also be a valuable experience to work with another artist who loves music in such a different way than him.

Crush then brought up Lee Young Ji, whose show, My Alcohol Diary (also known as Not Much Prepared), was the one they both had appeared on. Crush had nothing but praises to sing about Young Ji as a person and artist.

She’s got ‘music’ as her core and talent, but people don’t recognize that enough. I thought so, and she appeared on SMTM. When I see her prove herself, I think it’s very cool.

— Crush

Since both Hoshi and Crush respect Young Ji so much as an artist, they gave her a shoutout, hoping to get her in on this dream collab.

Individually, both Hoshi and Crush have reached out to Young Ji about a collab, and while it’s been futile, thanks to Young Ji’s bad habit of replying late, the two haven’t given up on the idea.

Even if we have to wait until 2027, we’re sure that it will be an instant hit when Hoshi, Crush, and Young Ji’s collab comes out.

차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube
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