SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Brought His Dad To Tears After Giving Him The Most Meaningful Gift

How to get a son like Hoshi?

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi appeared on Radio Star, where he opened up about his childhood home and how he brought his dad to tears.

Hoshi began the story by revealing that he lived in a house when he was a child because his dad’s business was doing well, but they eventually had to move out because his dad’s business didn’t do well.

There’s a house that we used to live in when I was younger – when my dad was financially well off. But his business didn’t do well, so we had to move out.

— Hoshi

Hoshi’s whole family was very upset about the move, but Hoshi decided to make the best gesture for his family. After becoming incredibly successful with SEVENTEEN, he was able to buy the house back for him!

Hoshi flexed, “But I bought it back for him.

He revealed that his dad was so touched that he started crying! He tried to hide it but Hoshi and his mom spotted him immediately.

My mom and I were watching TV in the living room when we saw my dad wiping his tears through the window reflection.

— Hoshi

Although it was a special gift for his parents, he also confessed he wanted to buy the house back because it held such dear memories for him as well.

He explained, “I had such good memories from that house, I really wanted to move back in there again.

But he couldn’t stop at just gifting his dad a special gift, he gifted his mom and sister something special too! He confessed that he paid for them to get double eyelid surgery because they “wanted bigger eyes”!

I don’t have double eyelids, and it’s from my mom’s genetic side. My sister also doesn’t have double eyelids.

But I guess my mom and sister wanted their eyes to get bigger.

— Hoshi

King Hoshi, the king of dance, performance, and bringing people to tears with his meaningful gifts!