SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Dishes On The Biggest Difference Between His Solo Work And His Work With The Group

Hoshi is incredible!

Carats are going crazy over SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi‘s recently dropped mixtape “Spider.” Not only is the song amazing but the music video is, of course, amazing as well! As the group’s performance leader, Hoshi’s choreography for “Spider” is absolutely breathtaking! In light of this marvelous gift he has blessed Carats with, Hoshi participated in an interview with Seventeen magazine!

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For those unfamiliar with the group, SEVENTEEN is a group with 13 talented members who all work together in writing songs, choreographing, and more! In his interview, Hoshi discussed several aspects of what he’s learned while working as a solo artist versus when he’s working with SEVENTEEN.


Hoshi shared his experience working on his lyrics alongside member Woozi as well as producer BUMZU and Park Ki Tae who helped with composition and arrangement. While he has worked with all of them before for SEVENTEEN’s music, Hoshi shared that it was a new experience working with them as a soloist.

While SEVENTEEN’s music is focused solely on the team, I think this was a fun experience to create my own personal color as a soloist. I fully enjoyed discovering what makes me through this project.

— Hoshi

As for the visual side of “Spider,” Hoshi shared that working on the music video and its visuals as a soloist allowed him to take more of a “Creative lead” than when he works with SEVENTEEN. Being the warm-hearted person he is, Hoshi also shared he personally contacted those who were able to make such an amazing music video for “Spider.”

I was able to take more of the creative lead as a soloist this time, and this extended to the music video for ‘Spider’ as well. I had a specific team I wanted to work with in mind so as soon as we completed ‘Spider’ in the studios, I personally contacted the music video director and worked with him to align our schedules. The main focus of this music video is the performance, so please look forward to it!

— Hoshi

Hoshi commented that with SEVENTEEN, everyone’s individual idea is combined to produce one amazing creation; however, for his solo, Hoshi stated that he felt more creative freedom.

The biggest difference in terms of solo work and my work with SEVENTEEN is that there’s a bit more individual freedom and leeway as a solo artist. As a SEVENTEEN member, we all come to a decision together—whether it’s about music or the steps we should take as a group. Both are very different processes, but they are equally important to me and they each have their own appeal.

— Hoshi

It seems like Hoshi has learned a lot from his experience as a soloist and shared that he has gained more confidence through it!

All 13 of our members are well-aware of their individual strengths and how to best contribute to the team, which in turn, creates a stronger SEVENTEEN. But for me, there were times when I wasn’t sure if I was doing a good job as a member of this group. Through this mixtape, I think I’ve gained more confidence, and found a way to create a color that is wholly mine as ‘HOSHI the Artist.’

— Hoshi

Carats all around the world are smiling over Hoshi’s hard work and amazing talent and can’t wait to see more in the future!

Check out Hoshi’s “Spider” below: