SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi And DK Under Fire For Making “Fatphobic” Comments About Seungkwan

Some fans say it is due to “cultural differences.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

SEVENTEEN‘s BSS, made up of Hoshi, DK, and Seungkwan, has kept fans entertained since they returned with Second Wind in early February.

BSS | Pledis

Along with music show performances, the unit have appeared on several variety programs, including the latest content posted to SEVENTEEN’s official YouTube channel.

In this new video, the group has invited Peder Elias, the Norwegian singer-songwriter that is featured on their song “7시에 들어줘 (7PM), for a meal and drinks together.

BSS and Peder Elias | @pedereliaas/Instagram

The unit and Peder have shared plenty of cute and funny content before this, so fans were excited to see this latest video.


Hoshi couldn’t make it to dinner unfortunately:( Do you like mint chocolate? #seungkwan #seventeen17_official #booseoksoon #pederelias #dk #paperplane #carat

♬ Paper Plane – Peder Elias

The group welcomed Peder to the set and did their best to communicate regardless of the language barrier, but there is one moment that did not come across well to fans.

Around the middle of the video, Seungkwan tells Peder that he thinks he eats very little, and Peder says the same back to Seungkwan. Hoshi then says, “He’s a pig,” which Seungwan explains to Peder while Hoshi and DK laugh.

In the next moment, DK teaches Peder to make a cheek heart and tells him to say Peranghae, a combination of Peter’s name and saranghae. DK and Hoshi explain the phrase by telling Peder their own versions, which makes him assume that Seungkwan’s is boo-hae, because of his last name Boo.

Boo-hae, sounds like buhae, which means to look puffy or swollen, and before Seungkwan can fully explain, DK and Hoshi begin laughing and repeatedly calling him that. Eventually, Seungkwan explains to Peder in English that it “means you look so fat.

Peder then says that Seungkwan is “definitely not buhae.” When DK tries to get him to repeat it, he refuses.

After clips of these moments were shared online, fans debated over what was said, with many finding the comments made towards Seungkwan “fatphobic.”

Others see it as “cultural differences,” saying that “pig” is used when describing someone who eats a lot rather than a comment on their weight and that DK and Hoshi were joking around.

SEVENTEEN explaining terms in English have made this debate even more unclear on the true intent behind their words, and fans who see the comments as offensive want the members to be educated.