SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Shows That He Plays By His Own Rules During The Latest “GOING SEVENTEEN”

Someone give the director a raise!

During the latest GOING SEVENTEEN, the SEVENTEEN members were taken to an abandoned island to find the hidden treasure.

However, from the very beginning, it seemed like Hoshi had a plan of his own and didn’t see this trip as a hunt for hidden treasure. In particular, it appeared as if Hoshi had a music video on his mind.

Once Hoshi got back on track, the members set about trying to find clues for the treasure. The staff wasn’t going to make it easy, and when the going gets tough, the tough try and find hints to complete the task a lot quicker.

Jeonghan seemed to think that appealing to the director by saying how any help would benefit them would be the best way to make progress.

Fans once again noticed that Hoshi was playing by his own rules when it came to getting help. As expected, Hoshi had another way of getting help, including bribing the staff for tips.

If that wasn’t enough, Hoshi seemed to have become best friends with the director. He managed to persuade them to follow him around and going completely off the task.

With the help of the director, Hoshi finally achieved his goal and managed to shoot a music video for “Spider” amongst the beautiful deserted scenery.

After the episode aired, fans couldn’t help but point out how different Hoshi’s approach to the task had been to his members.

Make sure to watch the whole episode below.