SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Praises The HYBE Building And Its Practice Rooms

A good dancer needs a good practice room!

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi recently participated in a gorgeous pictorial with Allure Korea and also answered a few interesting questions including one about the HYBE building.

A while back ago, SEVENTEEN’s company Pledis Entertainment, became one of the many subsidiaries of HYBE (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment). With this, SEVENTEEN has since shared some cute stories of their time in the HYBE Building and with their fellow label mates.

During his interview, Hoshi was asked, “I heard the HYBE office building is so good. Do you go often?” As the hard-working artist and incredible choreographer he is, Hoshi praised the HYBE building’s spacious practice rooms.

Sure. There are practice rooms and studios, so it’s really convenient since everything can be taken care of within the building. The environment is really good. The practice room is huge.

— Hoshi

Other members from SEVENTEEN have also shared their experiences within the new HYBE building. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and DK once told a story of the time where he got trapped inside of the HYBE building!

Source: Allure Korea


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