SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Opens Up About The Pressure He Puts On Himself

He feels that it’s important for him as an artist.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi is an incredibly talented idol. He’s the leader of SEVENTEEN’s performance team, often choreographing their incredible dances and still stunning fans with his vocal and rap talent.

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But despite all of Hoshi’s talents, the idol puts immense pressure on himself, constantly pushing himself to work harder.

Lee Young Ji: From what I searched, it seems like you are very strict with yourself.

Hoshi: Yeah.

Lee Young Ji: Isn’t it tiring?

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Hoshi seemingly doesn’t know how to answer at first, jokingly ignoring Lee Young Ji‘s question by continuing to eat. But, ultimately, he opens up about the difficulties that he’s faced in his career. And while he has struggled a lot, Hoshi shares that his best coping strategy is to keep working and trust that time will eventually resolve everything.

Hoshi: I had a lot of hard times too but…

Lee Young Ji: How do you overcome those?

Hoshi: Let me think… If I say it this way I might look like I am not thinking at all but I think I am just leaving them to time.

Hoshi and Lee Young Ji | 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube 

Hoshi explains that his current hardships are due to his endless ambition to be a better performer and reach higher heights.

Lee Young Ji: Are there any recent problems that you are suffering from?

Hoshi: I am very greedy so I want to be more successful.

Lee Young Ji: More than now?

Hoshi: Yeah. I feel that this album will be really successful. Will the audience and Carat feel the same?

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Although Lee Young Ji reassures Hoshi that he isn’t lacking anything as a performer, Hoshi explains that the hardships he endures from ambition are actually what motivate him to work harder.

Lee Young Ji: It’s good to desire for more, but I am not sure in which aspect you feel lacking.

Hoshi: Exactly, that’s why people say human desire is endless.

Lee Young Ji: Wouldn’t removing those thoughts make you feel more comfortable?

Hoshi: Those thoughts are still fun for me. I still enjoy those expectations.

| 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube 

Although Hoshi’s method for self-improvement is seemingly counterintuitive, at least fans can rest assured that the idol doesn’t deny his talent or ability even as he strives to continually improve.

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