SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals The Difficulties SEVENTEEN Faced While Renewing Contracts Despite Their Incredibly Close Friendship

There’s a difference between desire and decision.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi was the third guest for Lee Young Ji‘s My Alcohol Diary series on YouTube, leaving us with many cute, funny, and touching moments. During the show, he opened up about the difficulties he and SEVENTEEN as a whole faced during the contract renewal process.

SEVENTEEN are known for their incredibly close friendship, and Hoshi, in all drunken truthfulness, made sure to emphasize this to Young Ji and anyone listening. For SEVENTEEN, the desire to all renew their contracts was easy.

Hoshi (left) and Young Ji (right) | 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube

What was difficult, though, was the process, since with 13 people, no matter how close you are, there are bound to be differing opinions, especially on topics like money distribution, length of the contract, and creative control.

And with SEVENTEEN, they’re so close to each other that they end up empathizing with each other’s opinions, making it hard to decide who’s perspective is better since, ultimately, they’re looking out for the group.

During that time of coming to a consensus over the contracts, the members were naturally under a lot of stress. However, they were still filming content during this time, and Hoshi admitted there were times when he had to force a laugh.

It got to the point where there were many times he wanted to give up since the burdens of stress and worry weighed heavy on his shoulders for a long time.

However, the tenacity of staying with each other drove SEVENTEEN to finalize the contract renewal after discussing all the specifics repeatedly. It’s also easy to infer that this contract renewal process only strengthened SEVENTEEN’s bond with each other.

Hoshi ended his explanation by once again pointing out just how close the members were, saying that more than family, SEVENTEEN were friends for life. Family has stricter hierarchal relationships sometimes, and there are always things that you share with friends rather than with family. That’s why Hoshi defined SEVENTEEN’s relationship as lifelong companions, which is a step beyond family in his book.