SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals What Was Most Memorable While Working On His Mixtape “Spider”

Are you guys obsessed with “Spider?”

SEVENTEEN‘s talented Hoshi just dropped his incredible mixtape “Spiders” and Carats couldn’t be more proud!

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Hoshi’s creative ideas were definitely expressed through the mixtape’s lyrics and also the incredible music video. Hoshi spoke OSEN about it ‘Spider” and the hard work behind it all!

First off, Hoshi expressed how he felt about releasing his first mixtape!

Q: How do you feel about releasing your first mixtape?

I’ve been working hard and enjoying myself, and I’m happy that I had a great opportunity. I’m also very happy and honored to be able to play the music I made for Carats.

— Hoshi

Hoshi also commented on the process and various parts of making “Spider.” From writing the lyrics to creating a great performance, Hoshi revealed was the most important part for him.

Q: You directly participated in writing lyrics and the performance to perfect it even further. What did you care about the most and how did you feel while working on it?

I participated in writing the lyrics and, while working on it, I tried to express the impact and image of the song given by the keyword. As the leader of the performance team, I wanted to show a performance worthy of that title, so I made it with great care.

— Hoshi

Being his first mixtape, there must have been several memorable moments. For Hoshi, the most memorable part of creating “Spider” was the whole journey of making it.

Q: What is the most memorable episode while preparing for the mixtape?

When I had a hard time not being able to meet fans, I thought, ‘What should I do?’ I spent time learning various music, so I thought, ‘Let’s work on my own songs that tell my story.’ Rather than a specific episode, the process of making each song was memorable and enjoyable.

— Hoshi

Hoshi also added that the charm of “Spider” is definitely his “Sexy and wild” image. Carats can definitely agree with that statement!

Q: What makes ‘Spider’ different?

With ‘Spider,’ you’ll be able to see a sexy & wild side of me. The title of the track and the keyword ‘Spider’ also gives it a unique vibe and character.

— Hoshi

Check out Hoshi’s “Spider” below:

Source: OSEN