SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is The Most Successful Fanboy With “God Of Music” Dance Challenge Ft. SHINee’s Taemin

He’s living the dream fanboy life!

It has long been known among SEVENTEEN fans that Hoshi is one of the biggest fans of SHINee there is.

He’s shared that they were a big inspiration for him to debut as a K-Pop idol, and though he’s now a very successful idol himself, he still seems to get starstruck whenever he has interactions with any of SHINee’s members!

Since both Hoshi and Taemin are two of the most highly regarded dancers in the K-Pop industry, it’s not a surprise that the two of them have become friends over the years. It’s hard not to be envious of Hoshi getting to become so close to someone he grew up idolizing, and he really is living the dream fanboy life!

Recently, SEVENTEEN has been doing challenges with several idols for their latest title track, “God of Music”.


#GodOfMusic 🤟 with #태용 #TAEYONG #NCT127 #WOOZI #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 #음악의신 #SVT_GodOfMusic

♬ God of Music – SEVENTEEN

And of course, they let Hoshi do the challenge with his favorite person! In his newest interaction with SHINee, Hoshi released a dance challenge video with Taemin himself.


#GodOfMusic 🤟 with #태민 #TAEMIN #SHINee #HOSHI #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 #음악의신 #SVT_GodOfMusic

♬ God of Music – SEVENTEEN

The two look absolutely amazing together as the dance kings they are, and the comments on the video on TikTok are filled with support and praise!

Carats are endeared by any time that Hoshi gets to interact with his own idols, and this challenge was no exception.

Here’s for hoping that we get a “Guilty” collab between the two once Taemin has his solo comeback!