SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is A Successful Fan, Featuring On Upcoming Epik High Song

Fans are so excited!

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi went viral in 2021 when he mistakingly heard “apple pie” as “Epik High” during a GOING SEVENTEEN game. It caught the attention of even Epik High’s Tablo, who reposted the clip from the GOING SEVENTEEN episode. Hoshi’s excitement, thinking he heard “Epik High,” was just too cute!

Tablo even talked about the moment on his radio show Born Haters. He described it as improving his mood; it was so funny.

Now, two years later, Hoshi and Epik High drop some unexpected news.

Epik High released a teaser for their upcoming song and MV, “Screen Time,” including a feature reveal. It included a brief clip of Hoshi!

Both Tablo and Hoshi shared cover art for “Screen Time” as well, including the track’s name with both “Epik High” and “Hoshi” written on a wall.

Hoshi has also started following each Epik High member on Instagram.

Fans are so excited for this collaboration! Hoshi low-key manifested this.

We love a successful fan!

“Screen Time” releases on November 1.