SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals To Suga How Hard It Is To Get Close To BTS — But It’s A Completely Different Story Now

“We’re not that difficult…”

BTS and SEVENTEEN are undoubtedly two of the biggest groups in the world. Recently, Suga and Hoshi came together for the latest episode of Suchwita.

Although the SEVENTEEN member seemed shy, their friendship blossomed on screen.

BTS’s Suga (left) and SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi (right) | HYBE

Ahead of the episode, Suga showcased his bond with Hoshi after commenting cutely on the idol’s Instagram post with the words, ““You gotta fighting(aegyo)!~.”

Suga’s comment on Hoshi’s post | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

Of course, as excited as netizens were to see the BTS member comment on the photo, they couldn’t contain their happiness when Hoshi replied with an equally cute comment. Under the post, the SEVENTEEN member commented, “Ack><Thank you, hyung. Gotta fighting(aegyo)!!!” 

Hoshi’s reply to Suga | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

After the interactions on Instagram, it’s not surprising that fans couldn’t wait for the Suchwita episode.

Of course, considering the difference in seniority, it wasn’t surprising that Hoshi was being extremely polite to Suga. As expected, Suga immediately tried to put the SEVENTEEN member at ease, explaining, “You can just talk comfortably. You don’t have to be so formal with me.”

Hoshi asked if he could call Suga hyung, and the BTS member seemed fine with that, adding that he usually speaks formally to everyone he meets.

Despite Suga saying Hoshi could be comfortable around him, it wasn’t surprising that Hoshi still seemed wary. Suga even had to say, “Just relax, you don’t have to turn,” when they had their drink.

Hoshi adorably explained how much he enjoyed sitting down with Suga as he hadn’t ever had a chance to speak to him. Hilariously, Suga joked, “You could’ve just come up and talked to me.”

Suga then revealed that he’d spoken to fellow SEVENTEEN member The8 several times when they had overlapping schedules and television broadcasts. Yet, even Suga acknowledged that it was hard to get close to people while filming.

While reminiscing on how scared he felt meeting BIGBANG‘s Taeyang in the previous episode, Hoshi agreed that he found it hard to approach senior artists, and Suga seemed surprised, adding, “We’re not that difficult.”

Hoshi then honestly explained, “You are,” and even though there are only two years between BTS and SEVENTEEN’s debuts, Hoshi still added, “You were hard to get close to…”

Luckily, Suga knew that things had to change as he explained, “We can get close starting today!”

Of course, it’s all words, but Suga seemed to mean it and had evidence to prove it. Along with the adorable Instagram posts, when the recording ended, Hoshi and Suga continued their chat in Suga’s studio.

Suga later posted the gift Hoshi gave him during the show in his latest Instagram post.

The gift Hoshi gave Suga | @agustd/Instagram

He even joined the other members of SEVENTEEN’s unit BSS, Seungkwan, and DK, to do the “FIGHTING” challenge.


슈가형과 함께 뽜이링! 해야지~💜 #부석순 with #슈가 #SUGA #BTS #파이팅해야지 #BSS_Fighting

♬ 파이팅 해야지 (Feat. 이영지) – 부석순 (SEVENTEEN)

Now that Hoshi and Suga are determined to become close, hopefully, there will be a lot more BTS/SEVENTEEN interactions in the future.

You can read more about their interactions below.

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