SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is Whipped For ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon, And Everyone’s Loving It

Sunghoon and Hoshi were having too much fun.

When SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi met ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon on Mnet‘s I-LAND, he was already cheering on the then-trainee during a cover of their track “Pretty U”.

Over a year later, Hoshi proved just how much he still adores Sunghoon with their cute interaction on the recent airing of Music Bank, where Sunghoon is now an MC.

Sunghoon | @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

During SEVENTEEN’s interview for their “Rock with you” comeback, Sunghoon showed his love for his seniors by saying how much he also enjoyed “Ready to love”. Hoshi didn’t let the compliment go unnoticed, reaching out a hand to pat Sunghoon on the back.

Making Sunghoon shy and giggle from the praise, Hoshi said he was a fan of ENHYPEN as well. That wasn’t the end of the cuteness for the two idols, though.

At the end of the interview, Hoshi stayed back to make a heart with Sunghoon followed by both of them giving a thumbs up. It was such a cute moment that fans weren’t the only ones loving it. Even MC Jang Wonyoung couldn’t help but hide a smile.

Now fans can’t wait to see even more moments where Hoshi and Sunghoon show off their cute friendship.


See Hoshi and Sunghoon steal viewers’ and fans’ hearts with their heart.