SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Once Gave An Award Show Speech That Ended With Him Making A Hilarious Apology

He could have been misinterpreted ๐Ÿคฃ

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan recently sat down for an interview with GQ where he showed fans the items that he brings around with him on a daily basis. He interspersed this with facts related to the objects including funny anecdotes that made a big impact on him.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

One such example was related to a language textbook that he brought out. Considering that SEVENTEEN has many overseas activities in Japan, it wasn’t a surprise why the older member brought it around with him.

It is a Japanese learning book. I attend Japanese classes so I take this with me.

โ€” Jeonghan

Jeonghan was not always as serious about his studies as he is at present. One event made his conviction to do better strong: when he messed up his speech in front of thousands of Japanese fans!

I spoke nonsense for my acceptance speech.

โ€” Jeonghan

This happened half a decade ago in the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA Awards) when SEVENTEEN came out on top in the “Best Dance Performance: Male Group” category. After leader S.Coups delivered a smooth thank you speech, Jeonghan stood in front of the mic for his turn.

His fellow members looked at him in nervous anticipation, and he delivered an expectedly amusing speech using short, broken Japanese. Seungkwan even exclaimed,ย “Oh no!”

SEVENTEEN won at the 2017 MAMA Awards and I prepared my speech in Japanese. I forgot my lines.

โ€” Jeonghan

What was funniest to Jeonghan was the apology he uttered without thinking. He promised to make up for the mistakes he made the following year, as if already assuming that the group would win another award.

I didn’t even know if I’ll be getting an award the following year but I still said, ‘I’ll redo my speech next year.’

โ€” Jeonghan

He said that it was a “big challenge” to be able to keep his word. Luckily, the PLEDIS Entertainment group ended up winning the same award with their songย “Oh My!” and yet again in 2019 in the category “Worldwide Fans’ Choice.” It was the latter where Jeonghan played out his redemption arc, speaking confidently in Japanese for a change.

I won another MAMA Award. I finished my Japanese speech then.

โ€” Jeonghan

He now takes his studies seriously, bringing the textbook with him in the group’s world tour. He told fans that although he’s not sure when he’ll be fluent in Japanese, he’ll make a conscious effort to keep improving.

I’ll try my best to learn Japanese.

โ€” Jeonghan

Check out the full video below to learn more about Jeonghan!


Source: YouTube