SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan And Wonwoo Prove They’ll Do Anything For Carats, Even Give Out Their Bank Account PIN Number?

“It’s all for Carat.”

SEVENTEEN recently revealed behind footage of their time at The Fact Music Awards 2020.

Behind the scene footage showed the members coming on and off stage, eating, having leisure time, and some members casually talked to the camera.

In one moment, Jeonghan stands in front of the camera and jokingly reveals why he chooses not to go on a diet. His reason is too cute.

Someone mentioned to Jeonghan that “the members who catch you in ‘Fearless’ said you become heavier compared to the comeback show.” Jeonghan responded and informed the viewers that he had put on some weight: “I gained…a lot of weight. A lot of weight.

Despite his claim of gaining weight, he revealed that he can’t diet and that it’s all for Carats.

I don’t know, I just can’t be on a diet. When I’m on a diet, I’d have no energy if I skip a meal, and I’d pass out. And if I pass out, our Carat will be so sad. And if they’re sad, I’ll be sad too. That’s why I can’t be on a diet.

— Jeonghan

Jeonghan confirmed that “It’s all for Carat.” Surely a lot of people can agree that Jeonghan’s avoidance of dieting is a whole mood! Fan’s in the comment also agree that Jeonghan is perfect the way he is anyway.

Wonwoo overheard and decided to chime in. He teased Jeonghan for being “greenhead, liar” and “greedy.” Jeonghan rebutted and claimed “what’s SEVENTEEN’s is mine and what’s mine is SEVENTEEN’s.

Jeonghan continued to prove that they would do anything for Carats and exposed Wonwoo’s PIN number: “Carat, wanna know Wonwoo’s bank account PIN number? it’s ****.” Surprisingly, Wonwoo did not react and remained cool. Instead of panicking, Wonwoo replied, “it really is.

Angel Jeonghan advised the viewers “use it when you get Wonwoo’s bankbook.” He then lovingly stated that “Wonwoo would give everything for Carat.”

To make sure his beloved fans didn’t forget the sacred number, Wonwoo humorously repeated the number and said, “****, remember

Despite it being a joke, Carats know that SEVENTEEN always goes above and beyond for them!

Check out the video below: