Could Long-Haired Jeonghan Be Coming Back? SEVENTEEN Fans Gush Over The K-Pop Idol’s Ponytail

We have our fingers crossed 🤞

Since SEVENTEEN first debuted in 2015, Jeonghan has had possibly the most different hairstyles and colors among the members.

Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

From short blond hair to long dark hair, as well as some more colorful looks, he’s proven that there’s nothing really that he can’t rock!

One of his fan-favorite looks to this day, however, is when he was styled with long shoulder-length hair that gave him an androgynous appearance that captured many people’s attention, plenty of whom ended up becoming fans of the group.

His stylists definitely had fun with his long hair, too, dyeing it different colors and styling it in many different ways until it was finally chopped off. First into a bob cut in 2016, and eventually to his short and dramatically blond style in 2017.

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While his hair has been longer for different eras since then, he has yet to return to arguably his most memorable style during the group’s first year after debut. Recent pictures of Jeonghan, however, may be evidence that he’s letting it grow out long again!

In recent photos taken of Jeonghan at the airport, the K-Pop idol can be seen with his dark hair tied back into a ponytail. And it’s not a tiny ponytail either — it has a decent amount of length to it!

Fan reactions to the chic look are funny and relatable.

Are you hoping for a return of long-haired Jeonghan?