Netizens Can’t Get Over Just How Ethereal SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Looks While In Paris

“He’s seriously the human Saint-Laurent…”

On January 16, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan was spotted at the Incheon Airport on his way to Paris, France for Paris Fashion Week.

Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN) at Incheon Airport

He was invited to the fashion show to attend Saint Laurent‘s F/W Men’s collection and even given a front-row seat at the event. This was his first time attending Paris Fashion Week, and he wore Saint Laurent’s new collection while there.

But the event itself wasn’t the only runway that Jeonghan attended while in Paris. He made one of his own while out in the streets of the city, and looked absolutely stunning while doing so!

| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram
| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram
| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

He shared the series of photos on his personal Instagram account, looking entirely like model material in his mature and elegant Saint Laurent outfit.

| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram
| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

He shared more black and white photos on his story, further treating fans to his gorgeous visuals!

Comments on the Instagram post itself show just how much fans are swooning over the series of photos.


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The photos also became the subject of a post on an online forum, where even more people complimented his appearance and how well he suits Saint Laurent’s brand.

  • “Wow his aura is crazy”
  • “Hanie-yah… A man who’s even more beautiful without any set schedule”
  • “He’s seriously freaking crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How can he be so handsome?”
  • “He’s seriously the human Saint-Laurent… Look at his aura…”
  • “Wow it’s my first time seeing Jeonghan with this kind of vibe”
  • “His aura is totally that of the human Saint-Laurent. He matches him perfectly and he’s freaking handsome”
  • “His aura, wow…”
  • “His real charm is his personality, his gorgeous looks are just an added bonus”
  • “Idk if this makes sense but he just looks like he will age very well. Like he will slay in his 40s and 50s”
  • “He’s the perfect combo of beautiful and handsome because of his well defined and masculine jawline. So sexy!”
| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

We hope that Jeonghan had a great time at the event!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa


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