SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Adopted A Pet Rock And Fans Are Going Crazy Over It

Carats now either want to adopt a rock… Or be a rock.

Recently, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan shared with fans via Weverse his newest pet–and no one was expecting it.

A few days ago, Jeoghan shared a picture of a rock in a hat, beside a cute little house. The picture itself was kind of random, but the caption made it even more confusing: “This is Jjongddol, it’s my companion ㅎㅎ.”

Jeonghan’s post. | Weverse

Fans couldn’t believe it: did Jeonghan really just adopt a pet rock?!

Suddenly, some Carats wanted to be a rock…

… While others wanted to have a rock!

Carats ended up selling out the pet rock kits–yes, we’re serious, Jeonghan’s pet rock’s siblings are all sold out!

Some fans praised Jeonghan for his choice of pet!

| generalannie/Reddit

Others debated whether he’s even real.

However, at the end of the day, we all have our financial priorities… And Jeonghan’s just happens to be a rock.

Source: Weverse