SEVENTEEN Jeonghan And The8’s Answer To Wanting Kids Proves Why They’d Be Great Dads, And Even Better Husbands

Jeonghan and The8 are the standard.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan and The8 (also known as Minghao) are the latest guests on The Return of Superman: Baby Cloud, and along with the adorable interactions with baby Kylo, their conversations with Kylo’s father, Kevin Dockry, reveal that they’ll be the perfect fathers and husbands when the time comes.

While Jeonghan, Minghao, and Kylo’s father shared a meal, Kevin started an impromptu interview, wanting to get to know the boys better. During their conversation, Kevin asked, “In the future, if you want to get married, would you want to have children as well?”

The8 replied first, saying that he has always dreamed of marrying and having children because of his parents. When he saw how much his parents loved each other and experienced being a happy family with them, he wished to one day also create such a loving family.

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Kevin then asked how many children The8 wanted, and his answer was super endearing:

I can’t decide alone because I’m not the one bearing them, but one would be precious, two would great and three would be too tiring. Just imagining it makes me so happy.

— The8

Minghao has always been supportive and respectful toward women, and despite his great affection for children, he’s a husband who would put his wife first over his own desires. But if he and his future wife agree, there’s no doubt Minghao will create a loving and joyful family.

Jeonghan answered in a similar fashion, saying that while he can’t decide on his own, he would like to have children if possible. Because Jeonghan cherishes his relationship with his sister, he wants to have a son and a daughter so his children can also experience that kind of sibling bond.

Although I can’t decide this on my own, if it goes well and if I could I would like to have two, a son and a daughter.

— Jeonghan

The8 and Kevin teased him because he was so shy in admitting his dreams, but Jeonghan explained that he was nervous because it was his first time telling his future family goals on a broadcast.

Jeonghan’s dreams of a family reflect his own precious relationships, as he often spends time with his family and dotes on them. Jeonghan will definitely treat his future wife with a lot of love, and if children are what they both want, there’s no doubt that Jeonghan’s future family will overflow with love.

Jeonghan and The8 would make the perfect fathers and husbands, and as a bonus, here’s The8 playing with a baby and Jeonghan sweetly taking care of children at a daycare.