SEVENTEEN To Allegedly Join Weverse Along With BTS, TXT, And GFRIEND

How do you feel about this?

During Big Hit Entertainment’s 2020 Big Hit Corporate Briefing, they announced that SEVENTEEN would be joining the app Weverse in order to communicate with fans.

Fans are divided on the addition of SEVENTEEN to the app, wondering what will happen with the group and Pledis Entertainment.

Some don’t agree with the move to Weverse as they felt that the fan cafe was special to them.

Others are curious as to whether or not only SEVENTEEN will be making the move to the app or if other artists from Pledis will also join in.

This corporate briefing is open to the public and is an event where Big Hit goes over the past year’s achievements as well as the visions for the future of the company. Bang Si Hyuk previously stated that he hoped to hold at least two of these briefings a year in order to communicate with the public about their goals for the future. The first briefing was held in August of 2019. Unfortunately, the briefing that was to be held on February 4 was canceled due to the Coronavirus issue. Instead, they have filmed the briefing and posted it online to the public.

Below is the 2020 Corporate Briefing video:

What do you think of this?