Korean Netizens React To SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Dating Allegations

“Does the girlfriend not have her own clothes?”

Netizens reacted to allegations claiming SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua was dating.

Joshua | Pinterest

Earlier, it was reported that fans had alleged SEVENTEEN’s Joshua was dating model Cho Mi Young. Cho Mi Young is a model who had previously appeared on the dating show, Before Somerise.

Cho Mi Young | @mi0___o/Instagram

The allegations stem from many outfits fans alleged looked too similar to be a coincidence.


Netizens reacted to the allegations, with many agreeing that the sheer amount of similar outfits seemed to suggest that the two may be more than friends.

  • “They must be living together…”
  • “I’m usually skeptical when people throw around dating allegations due to similar outfits, but this seems a bit much…”
  • “These aren’t even couple items. They shared everything, LOL.”
  • “I don’t think his girlfriend wanted attention. Rather I think Joshua gave her all the clothes after wearing them a few times, LOL. They look good together.”
  • “But does the girlfriend not have her own clothes? She only wears what he gives her.”
  • “OMG… This is too much, LOL. Poor fans ㅠ.”
  • “Why would she want to do that? She’s really dumb. Just date quietly.”
  • “It’s to the point that I am apologetic for not finding out sooner. Wow.”
  • “I’m sure a lot of fans already knew.”
  • “If they date quietly, then the fans would turn a blind eye… The idol is thoughtless, and so is his girlfriend, LOL.”

What are your thoughts? Go through all of the evidence behind the allegations in the link below.

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