Netizens React To Pledis’s Response To SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Dating Allegations

Silence can be deafening.

Netizens reacted to Pledis‘s silence on SEVENTEEN Joshua‘s dating allegations.


On August 10, a media outlet wrote that fans were demanding Pledis release a statement regarding SEVENTEEN Joshua’s dating rumors. Recently, rumors claimed the idol was dating influencer and dating show contestant Cho Mi Young.

Cho Mi Young | @mi0___o/Instagram

In their article, the media outlet wrote that fans were calling for Pledis to release a statement either confirming or denying the rumors.

Currently, those in the fandom are saying that Pledis needs to give a thorough explanation and that the rumors crossed the line.

— Etoday

The article then reveals that Cho Mi Young has been facing an avalanche of hate from Joshua’s fans.

SEVENTEEN fans have written thousands of hate comments on her Instagram. She has not released any statement either on the matter and has since stopped uploading.

— Etoday

Korean fans debated whether Pledis should release a statement. While some fans demanded an explanation, many more pleaded for the label to stay silent. There were also those that stated that no explanation was needed and alleged the label’s silence was deafening.

  • “You better not say anything… Act like you’re above this… You better not make it obvious… Just stay still…”
  • “I mean, I’m a disappointed fan as well, but why do they need to release a statement? I think that’s weirder. The more I think about it, the more I’m upset about the dating rumors, but releasing a statement is ridiculous.”
  • “The fact that they aren’t releasing a statement tells you all you need to know… The fans aren’t saying anything, but I guess this reporter is curious. This is maddening as it is.”
  • “WTF is this reporter saying? Just STFU. You’re the one who is curious.”
  • “I’m sure that they aren’t able to confirm or deny, LOL. Not saying anything is the best.”
  • “They made it so obvious, but now that they have a chance to make their relationship really known, they are being silent. LOL.”
  • “It would be ridiculous for them to release a statement, LOL. What they should write is an apology for fooling fans.”
  • “Their silence tells you all you need to know, LOL.”
  • “The only time they should release a statement when it involves a non-celebrity is to announce a marriage or bless one.”

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