Disgruntled Fans Take Things A Step Further With Moving Trucks And Porsches To Protest SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Dating Allegations

Things are getting out of hand…

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua has been facing severe criticism from a group of fans, ever since the news of his dating rumors broke out. These fans firmly believe that Joshua is in the wrong for “taking fans for a fool,” by posting various “lovestragrams” and more.

While they had been sending protest trucks to the HYBE building of late, things were taken a step further on August 14, 2023. They sent trucks around South Korea instead. Three Porsches and a protest truck were sent to the SM Entertainment building, with the aim of “shaming” Joshua in front of other artists and companies.

The Porsches were rented out as part of the protest as it was speculated that Joshua purchased a Porsche for his girlfriend.

A truck was also sent to the bustling Hongdae district.

What was worse was that each truck came with loud blasting music that called for Joshua to “return the fans’ money” in three different languages. One truck called him out for alleged lip syncing with the message, “Joshua lost his initial drive and passion. He cheated fans by lip syncing. Go live for two days in the basement from your pre-debut days. From the people that bought 2,500,000 albums.”

Other trucks called out his various mistakes on stage, calling for him to be sent out of the group.

“Joshua stands out too much on the stage. He’s made too many mistakes. Practice while you are in hiding at least. If you’re going to forget two whole verses of the lyrics, give it to other members. “Joshua OUT.” | @yeeel__/Twitter

The trucks contained the other following messages.

| @yeeel__/Twitter
  • You’re embarrassed of the fans? About what? We’re the ones that are more embarrassed. Joshua himself isn’t embarrassed, so why are the fans embarrassed? From the woman who bought 2,500,000 albums.
  • The lovely HYBE staff are suffering because of Joshua who has no conscience. He tricked fans, and is so insincere about performing, he’s lost the right to become an idol. From the woman who bought 2,500,000 albums
  • SEVENTEEN dreams about becoming the top of K-Pop? Sorry, but I can’t acknowledge Joshua for that the most. From the woman who bought 2,500,000 albums

Despite the scale of the protest, Pledis Entertainment still remains silent.