SEVENTEEN’s Joshua And Seungkwan Apologize To Actor Kim Woo Bin

Even Jeonghan joined in on their 90-degree bow.

SEVENTEEN recently held a virtual zoom fan meeting where they made fun memories with fans. One of those fun moments caused an equally funny apology from Seungkwan and Joshua.

Joshua and Seungkwan. | @pledis_17/Twitter

The two apologized to actor Kim Woo Bin, who’s currently starring in the K-Drama Our Blues, for a reason that many fans could understand.

Kim Woo Bin | @____kimwoobin/Instagram

As the group chatted, Joshua mentioned that he’s been watching dramas lately, especially Our Blues. While watching it, he noticed something he couldn’t keep to himself.

Because of Dino and Kim Woo Bin’s similar hairstyles, Joshua said the two had a resemblance to each other.

While Dino accepted the compliment, “Oh, thank you,” Seungkwan made them laugh by saying, “Kim Woo Bin sunbae-nim (senior), I’m sorry.

Seungkwan and Joshua quickly stood up and expressed their apology with a full 90-degree bow that Jeonghan even joined in. Joshua also said, “I’m sorry.

The group laughed even harder when they read a fan’s English comment, “I’m sorry, Kim Woo Bin sunbae.

Although they apologized to the handsome actor, many fans couldn’t unsee the resemblance between Dino and Kim Woo Bin once Joshua had pointed it out.

| @moeum_zip/Twitter & tvN

Watch Joshua’s compliment for Dino turn into an apology to Kim Woo Bin that made all of them laugh.