SEVENTEEN’s Jun Shows Off His Abs In A Crop Top

He didn’t hold back.

As SEVENTEEN sets out across North America for their BE THE SUN world tour, Jun is bringing out his sexiness in full force.


While Jun has been teasing fans with see-through outfits, he recently gave fans everything they’ve been wanting at their Seattle, Washington stop.

During their performance of “Crush”, a lucky fan captured Jun slaying the sexy dance moves. They even caught a moment that drove Carats wild.

Thanks to Jun’s black crop top, fans saw his toned abs when he did a body wave.

Because the clip showed the moment so quickly, the fan shared a few stills that sent the internet on fire.

| @juyeehawn/Twitter

The sexy moment was such a welcome surprise for fans that it took over the searches.

| @juyeehawn/Twitter

Check out the sexy moment that had many Carats wishing they were there too.