SEVENTEEN’s Jun To Guest Star On NCT Chenle’s Radio Program

Fans are excited for them to reunite!

NCT Chenle‘s radio program, “Akdong Seoul,” is about to have a brilliant guest star!


SEVENTEEN‘s Jun will be appearing on “Akdong Seoul” on March 26!

Previously, Chenle revealed that he and Jun are actually good friends–he even called him his closest friend outside of his group, so it will be exciting to see the two friends reunite!

Fans of both the groups are eagerly looking forward to the show and to see the two friends interact and joke around with one another.

201023 Seventeen Jun Weibo Update (With Chenle, Renjun, Xiaojun, and Kun) : NCT
| Jun’s Weibo

“Akdong Seoul” will air at 9pm on March 26 and can be watched live via YouTube.