SEVENTEEN’s Jun And Hoshi Have The Funniest Routine When Making Up After A Fight

It’s something only true friends can do.

Back in August, during a Weverse live, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan and S.Coups mentioned that their fellow members Jun and Hoshi fight a lot, although CARATs were probably unaware, given that their fights were never talked about on broadcast. Perhaps the reason is that their arguments tend to be centered around work, which doesn’t allow for many funny stories to arise.

Because Jun and Hoshi are on the performance team, they often contribute ideas to the choreography of SEVENTEEN’s music. As perfectionists, it’s easy to see why Jun and Hoshi often argue, especially since SEVENTEEN are known for their insane synchronization and incredible dancing skills. But SEVENTEEN is a family, and Hoshi and Jun cherish each other so much that they often want to make up as soon as possible.


After half an hour to an hour, the boys are ready to put the fight behind them and return to a happy and playful atmosphere. But unlike what most people do, Hoshi and Jun never apologize to each other.

You might wonder how they can truly reconcile without apologizing, but that’s just how it works with their friendship. Also, since they’re usually arguing about work, it’s more of a conflict of opinions and not a matter of who’s right or wrong, so an apology isn’t really needed. Instead, Jun and Hoshi lock eyes, wink, shoot a finger gun, and everything’s fine!

Even Jun is shocked at how they reconcile because it’s super simple, random, and hilarious.

Still, what matters most is that the two are reconciled, and if you look into their friendship, it’s easy to see that they absolutely adore each other.


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