SEVENTEEN Jun’s Favorite Scene From His Solo Song “LIMBO” Is Also His Fans’ Favorite — For Two Very Different Reasons

We’re definitely focused, the question is on what?

SEVENTEEN Jun‘s “LIMBO” is a gift for fans, and CARATs couldn’t be more grateful for being blessed with his beauty and talent. On top of the incredible visuals and music, CARATs know that Jun was involved in almost every aspect behind-the-scenes, from the composition to the choreography, making this release even more special.

In an interview, Jun revealed that his favorite scene from the music video was when he was dancing against an all-white background.

It has a very clean look and allows you to focus on my dance.

— Jun


The scene Jun’s talking about is also the favorite scene of his fans, who can’t get enough of his fatal charms.

But the reason why CARATs love this scene so much might not be for the same reason Jun loves it. While it’s true that his dancing is alluring and powerful (like it always is), it wasn’t his talent that CARATs were focused on, but his visuals. More specifically, his abs.

As soon as the scene appeared during the teaser, CARATs couldn’t think about anything else, and after the full music video was released, no fan could resist his deadly charisma.

We’re all obsessed with Jun in a crop top, even if we don’t realize it.

SEVENTEEN’s staff were fully aware of what the fans loved most and didn’t hesitate to add fuel to the fire.

Some fans might be tempted to deny this obsession, but this clip is solid proof of why CARATs can’t remember anything but his abs in “LIMBO,” since he isn’t actually dancing to “LIMBO” in this clip but rather doing body waves.

Jokes aside, Jun really did perform “LIMBO” at SEVENTEEN’s concert, so the confusion is understandable. But while we do remember his choreo, the camera zooming in on his abs while he dances further proves why “LIMBO” = abs in CARATs’ minds.

CARATs aren’t the only ones obsessed with Jun; part of the music video’s storyline is that Jun falls in love with himself, and while it might be acting, Jun 100% knows how ethereal he is, and he doesn’t hold back any punches.

Everything about Jun is breathtaking, but it will take a while for CARATs to move on from this side of Jun.