SEVENTEEN Jun’s “Dangerous” Experience At Incheon Airport Angers Netizens

Netizens are blaming the company for “neglecting” Jun.

SEVENTEEN Jun‘s “Dangerous” airport experience has fans hitting back at Pledis Entertainment.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun | @junhui_moon/Instagram

The discourse surrounding idols’ safety at airports continues to be a heated debate. Despite companies’ warnings, fans continue to go to the airport to see idols off to international schedules, and it can often become dangerous with huge crowds.

On February 26, Jun arrived at Incheon Airport to head home to China.

After making his way into the main airport, where fans were, it wasn’t surprising that large groups started to form around the idol to get a glimpse of him. Yet, what stood out was that aside from Jun and his manager, there was nobody else with him, including a distinct lack of security.

As Jun got closer to boarding, fans started to push, and it seemed like Jun could’ve been in real danger as nobody was surrounding him to stop anyone from falling onto him. Although it didn’t happen, it was a concern netizens had while watching his departure.

Even with the lack of security and fans pushing, Jun remained a true gentleman and tried to manage the crowds alone (with the help of his manager) while still greeting the fans and media.

At one point, a fan even fell, and Jun must’ve heard what happened and tried to see.

While idols have been spotted traveling alone in the past, CARATs were very confused as several members have had international schedules in the past week and have always been spotted with security. It raised eyebrows amongst fans as they shared their anger that Jun always seems to be left alone for schedules, especially those in China.

You can read more about netizens’ concerns about Jun’s safety below.

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