A Look Into SEVENTEEN Jun’s Dreamy New Single Album

Isn’t the MV teaser so pretty?

Following the release of his second solo track, “乌鸦 (Crow),” on February 5, Pledis Entertainment announced that SEVENTEEN‘s Jun will be releasing a digital single album. Titled “寂寞号登机口(Silent Boarding Gate),” the album will be released on February 14.

The cover art for Jun’s single album. | @pledis_17/Twitter

The song “寂寞号登机口(Silent Boarding Gate)” is said to portray the feeling of living trapped in this time and space and that we’re all trying to find a boarding gate that will allow us to fly off to another life and start anew. This “silent boarding gate” will lead us from the past and guide us towards our future and our dreams.

Jun in the MV teaser. | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

The music video teaser, which was released on February 10, conveys this dreamy vision. The shots of Jun walking through a sunset or surrounded by fairy lights that make up this 23 second clip only make us more eager to watch the whole video.

Jun in the MV teaser. | SEVENTEEN/YouTube 

“寂寞号登机口(Silent Boarding Gate)” will be released on February 14 but in the meanwhile you can watch the MV teaser below!

Source: Naver News


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