Filipino TV Personality Kuya Kim Is A Carat Confirmed, And His Bias Is SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo

SEVENTEEN is turning up the heat in the Philippines.

Kuya Kim is a Filipino TV personality with a plethora of job titles: television host, actor, weather anchor, YouTube vlogger, and former politician. He’s also known for being actor Gong Yoo‘s look-alike and has even met him in person. Now, he’s switching from the K-Drama world into the K-Pop world, with his latest fascination with SEVENTEEN.

Eagle-eyed Carats noticed that Kuya Kim changed his profile picture on Facebook to a picture of Wonwoo from SEVENTEEN’s special video of “HOT.” Some fans wonder if he chose the picture because it reminded him of his own signature look with a hat, but either way, it seems that Wonoo might just be Kuya Kim’s bias.

A short while later, Kuya Kim tweeted the photo on Twitter with the caption “Happy weekend.” With encouragement from Carats, Kuya Kim didn’t hesitate to show his love for SEVENTEEN.

With Kuya Kim on the agenda to promote SEVENTEEN to all his followers, this might prove to be a golden opportunity for SEVENTEEN to win the hearts of everyone in the Philippines.

And now that the number of retweets far surpasses 500, it seems that Kuya Kim will be doing SEVENTEEN’s “Hot” dance challenge on national television with his fellow newscasters this coming Tuesday. Are you ready for this, Filipino Carats?