SEVENTEEN’s Makeup Artists Defend Themselves Against Fan’s Disappointed Comments

They were sorry for any sub-par work, but they had their reasons.

When it comes to doing K-Pop idol’s makeup, it’s definitely easier when one only has to look after a few members. That’s why it’s so difficult to help big groups like SEVENTEEN prepare for their schedules.

SEVENTEEN’s very own makeup artists from Jennyhouse, Doy, who specializes in male idol’s makeup, and Inha, a veteran of seven years, shared stories of their experiences on YouTube channel AYO‘s Comment Defenders series.

Doy (Left) and Inha (Right) | AYO/YouTube

They received one disappointed comment saying, “Does Jennyhouse makeup have different artists? I didn’t like my idol’s makeup at all. My idol is SEVENTEEN.”

With humility, Inha revealed that she’s aware of the disappointed comments and that she accepts them as well: “I heard SEVENTEEN fans don’t like Jennyhouse at all. Now that I think about it, it makes so much sense.”

It wasn’t a lack of skills that made the idols not look their best, it was a lack of time. Inha explained that she often only has an hour or less to take care of the thirteen member’s makeup, from base to touch-ups.

For example, they did a pre-recording and they’d come down for a break for like 5-10 minutes. Then I had to take care of 13 members and send them back to the studio.

— Inha

In her eyes, the makeup looks were not completed enough. She recounted one time when she was so pressed for time, she only had an hour at most to finish the group’s makeup.

One time, they did a concert rehearsal, then they went to a movie premier. They were all sweaty, and I only had 30 minutes? Or 1 hour? For touch-ups.

— Inha

Because SEVENTEEN has so many members, Jennyhouse was short-staffed. They called in non-makeup artist friends to help them get the job done.

Since I was short-handed, the hair staff helped with the base makeup and I did touch-ups in the car with the lights on. The result probably came out pretty bad.

— Inha

Though the circumstances themselves were not favorable for the makeup artists, Inha still apologized to fans for the unsatisfactory results.

To fans, I apologize that they didn’t look pretty on TV. But it wasn’t on purpose. I apologize!

— Inha

If you want to see Inha and Doy reveal more about the industry in the eyes of professional makeup artists, catch the full video below.