SEVENTEEN Will Not Appear On “Show! Music Core” During Their Comeback…And Some Fans Think They Know Why

Fans also hope it won’t affect the success of their comeback.

Ahead of the release of their seventh mini-album Henggarae, SEVENTEEN has announced that they will not appear on MBC‘s Show! Music Core for promotions. However, it seems that the issue might run deeper than not appearing for this comeback.

On June 19, SEVENTEEN’s staff confirmed that the group would not be performing on Show! Music Core for any promotions for their upcoming comeback but did not disclose any reasons for the decision.

SEVENTEEN performing on “Show! Music Core” in 2019.

There have been hints of a conspiracy floating around as to why SEVENTEEN has backed out of performing on the show. Many fans suspect that their refusal to appear comes as a result of PLEDIS Entertainment‘s merge with Big Hig Entertainment just a month ago, as prior to the merge, PLEDIS Entertainment didn’t seem to have any problems.

However, in 2018, it was reported that Big Hit Entertainment had a conflict with MBC and their end-of-year Gayo Daejejun regarding what appeared to be unfair treatment toward BTS and favorable treatment for others.

However, whatever disagreement it might have been didn’t appear to affect the group’s appearance on the music show, as they did perform there in 2019 for the promotion of their album Map of the Soul: Persona.

Later in the year, BTS declined an invitation to perform at the 2019 Gago Daejejun and instead chose to perform in New York City at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. When BTS’s music show promotions schedules were announced for their promotion of Map of the Soul: 7, they were never included on the schedule of performers yet still won first place several times for their single “ON.”

“Show! Music Core”‘s schedule of performers for February 29, 2020, with an omittance of BTS.

In addition to merging with PLEDIS Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment also joined with SOURCE MUSIC, the company that houses GFRIEND. They have not appeared on Show! Music Core since the merge, either.

MBC acknowledges SEVENTEEN’s decline to participate but denies any conflict with Big Hit Entertainment.

Read their acknowledgment statement below:

Hello. This is MBC Show! Music Core.

Show! Music Core is a program that is music-centered and focused on providing exciting stages of all genres for fans.

Our production team works tirelessly to set us apart from other existing music programs. They have reached out and asked for SEVENTEEN to appear on our show as they would like the group to have the opportunity to perform for our viewers.

Regardless, Show! Music Core will work to show the best stage to K-Pop fans. Thank you.

—MBC Show! Music Core production executives

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN is still scheduled to release their mini-album on June 22 and will still promote and perform on other music shows. Additionally, they are still eligible for first place wins on Show! Music Core, even if they don’t appear or perform that day.

Source: Star News