Two Pairs Of SEVENTEEN’s Members Just Made The Cutest “Proposals” To Each Other During Their Atlanta Concert

They are the sweetest ❤

SEVENTEEN is holding the Atlanta stop of their ongoing Be The Sun tour tonight, and just like their other concerts in the last couple of weeks, there are already some great moments being shared from it!

Some of the moments being shared on social media are already going semi-viral among the SEVENTEEN fandom, and one in particular has been garnering a lot of attention for a very understandable reason.

In the shared clip, SeungkwanWooziJeonghan, and DK can be seen on the stage while “Come To Me” is playing. Suddenly, Seungkwan gets on one knee to “propose” to Woozi, and Woozi takes his hand before the two of them walk off-screen together.

Woozi & Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN)

Prompted by the first pair, DK then proposes to Jeonghan, who also takes his hand. As they walk after Woozi and Seungkwan, however, DK takes it an adorable step further by giving Jeonghan a kiss on the hand!

Jeonghan & DK (SEVENTEEN)

You can watch the sweet moment here.

And here are a few more angles of DK sweetly kissing Jeonghan’s hand 🥺

Carats are expressing how endeared and emotional they are!

We can’t wait to see what other cute moments there are at the concert!