SEVENTEEN Members Flood Woozi’s Instagram With Comments Of Protest

They wanted their feelings known to Woozi.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu suddenly unfollowed Woozi on Instagram and the CARAT world was full on panic mode trying to decipher what the heck was going on!


Their fans were able to rest assured soon enough when Mingyu re-followed Woozi and revealed exactly why he had unfollowed him in the first place. He was protesting Woozi’s refusal to follow any of the members back!


Seven members currently have Instagram pages, and six of them follow each other’s accounts. However, Woozi keeps his following count at 0.


With Mingyu’s lead, Vernon and S.Coups also commented below asking Woozi to follow them back!


Woozi’s answer? “Like.” Woozi simply liked their comments but didn’t follow them back.


But that doesn’t mean his members have given up yet! S.Coups commented on Woozi’s next post, claiming that he’ll be there waiting!


CARATs fell in love with this interaction between the boys as they adorably protest against Woozi’s following count!


One fan even drew the cutest cartoon summarizing what happened between the members.


Hopefully, these adorable brothers will find a happy middle ground in their Instagram following relationship!

Source: Nate Pann