SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Reveals That He Is Best Friend With This Popular Idol

Mingyu and his best friend just makes sense!

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu appeared on Happy Together 4, where he announced that his closest friend is none other than ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo!


The cast members were surprised as they envied how the two famous “face-geniuses” (just very good looking people) were best friends!


Mingyu explained that Cha Eunwoo and he became close as they met frequently on shows. They soon found out that they were the same age and their dorms were close, so they became fast friends.

“We ran into each other often on broadcast programs, and we realized we’re the same age.

Our dorms are very close too, so we try to meet often.”

— Mingyu


Mingyu and Cha Eunwoo’s friendship has been blossoming since their early days. They were often seen interacting at events like ISAC.


They also hosted music shows together, which further drew them closer to each other.


And it sure was a blessing for fans as well!


Fans can catch easter eggs of these two face-geniuses having cute moments between each other.


Two tall and handsome idols being best friends? It just makes sense!


However, Mingyu confessed that he feels burdensome when being called a ‘face-genius’. Although he’s humble as he is handsome, he also admits it’s not a bad nickname to have!

“It’s a little burdening when they call me ‘face genius’. It does feel nice to be called that though.”

— Minggyu


Mingyu also revealed that there is a third member between the duo who gets along very well – comedian Kwon Hyuk Soo!

“We somehow got very close to Hyuk Soo hyung, so we meet often. Since he doesn’t fit in our 97 line, we added him in with his weight as 97kg.”

— Minggyu


Although they all can’t meet often due to their busy schedules, the three brothers try to find time to support each other in any way they can!


Check out Mingyu show off his amazing friendship in the video below: