SEVENTEEN Says Mingyu Played The Most Significant Role In Their Contract Renewal Decision

SEVENTEEN is one big happy family.

With his bright and energetic personality, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu overflows with love for his members. In a recent interview with WATCHA, the members unanimously agreed that Mingyu was the critical player pushing for SEVENTEEN’s contract renewal.

While the members all wanted to renew as a group, talking about such an important and heavy decision was hard to bring up. However, Mingyu actively pursued the conversation, speaking of it positively and leading the other members to open up and discuss with each other what their future goals were.

I wanted to talk about it ASAP so I brought it up a lot. Although it seems like a heavy topic, I felt like ‘We’ll keep doing what we have been doing, it’s just a new start to it.’ That’s what I thought most. ‘Isn’t it obvious we’ll be together no matter what?’

— Mingyu

Mingyu has expressed his devotion and adoration for the rest of SEVENTEEN throughout the years, emphasizing how the members are family to him.

His careful attention to each member is recognized by his fellow bandmates, who appreciate the strength he gives SEVENTEEN through his optimistic and kind nature.

So when the time came for SEVENTEEN to discuss contract renewals with their company, they made sure to go all together as 13, showing that their feelings were united in continuing down the path together.

The bond between the members of SEVENTEEN is one of brotherhood, as they’ve endured many trials and achieved many victories to get to where they are now. While Mingyu was the voice of SEVENTEEN during this important decision, every person in the group desires a long future with one another, and fans eagerly await to see what lies ahead for them.


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